Sue Cox DVD

Sue Cox AM RN RM IBCLC has worked with mothers and babies for more than 30 years. She has been an ABA counsellor since 1976, and has been a lactation consultant both in hospitals and private practice. She is a sought after speaker, presenting seminars and workshops on lactation around Australia and has presented many papers internationally. In 2007, Sue was awarded Life Membership or the Australian Breastfeeding Association in recognition of all her work in promoting breastfeeding.

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Mother and Baby - baby can breastfeeding easily when well positioned

Sue explains the various positions that mothers use for the baby to attach easily and reiterates with each one the important steps that fit every position:
  • holding baby close
  • nose level with nipple
  • chin touching the breast allowing baby to search and attach
  • 15 minutes in length

Plus the bonus DVD Mother and Baby - the first week
Sue shows parents what to expect and what is normal in the first week after the baby is born. Includes the importance of skin-to-skin contact and the first feed; changes in urinary output and in stool amount and colour; the normal amount of colostrum/milk produced each day; how much new babies usually sleep; how often they feed; expressing and storing breastmilk.
19 minutes in length.

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